Sellafield Ltd

"EneffTech have become a valuable advisor for our very complex business with regards to introduction of a UAV capability.

Our type of business presents not only the standard construction/demolition challenges faced by many industrial environments but has the added complexity of handling and storing nuclear material.

The introduction of UAV’s on our site has been a driver for many years but with many unique safety and security challenges to overcome it has taken many years to deploy. EneffTech have been a major contributor to the development of robust operational and assurance processes tailored to our requirements.

Always looking for the most pragmatic and cost effective solution to our needs EneffTech have been on hand to provide advice, guidance and the in-depth training which is all required for the successful implementation and use of our Unmanned Aerial Systems."

Mike Brown Photography

The day of my flight test arrived. It has been preceded by a number of emails back and forth  between EneffTech and my self making sure all was in place for the final exam. Moments like this can be very unnerving , but right from the beginning Ian set a positive and supportive tone that helped to make the whole experience not only successful, but also enjoyable.

On arrival at the airfield it was rapidly apparent that all of the discussions and promises that Ian had made were indeed well planned out and thought through. I was saddened that he could not organise better weather but he did say that was the deluxe package only. I had arranged some flight instruction first and it was good to see that not only did Ian talk about drone, he could also fly them very well indeed too. This was important as so often you find in most professions that those who can't, teach. Ian could fly and taught well.

In summary, I was so pleased that I was able to work with what is a patently professional and competent company who clearly understood the challenges that I faced and were able to take me through them to a great outcome. But even after successful completion of the test I found the backup care first class. This was not a case of we takes your money and off you go. This is a company who have not only a very professional approach to the tasks in hand but also have amazing customer service. How rare is that to find nowadays? They will always have my vote.


Pete Tasker Photography

'Completed my PfCO with these guys. Couldn’t be happier, friendly, professional and very easy to deal with. Best of all it was all done here in Cumbria’

Pete Tasker Photography