Introducing Ligh-T

Rugged Tethered Station for Drones

Ligh-T is a compact and robust tethered station for drones. Designed for demanding missions in all environments, it offers continuous aerial observation capabilities to drone operators, public safety, private security, traffic monitoring agencies, national security and law enforcement units.

Ligh-T has been built as a rugged and mobile solution, and is based on Elistair proprietary micro-tether technology. Quickly connected to wide range of drones as the DJI Inspire 1, the Ligh-T is the perfect tool to enlarge your drone potential thanks to unlimited autonomy and increased safety. 

Compact and Powerful

Drones are know to be easily transportable, quick to deploy, and flexible. Tethered stations should be too. That’s why we created this compact, simple, but powerfull solution.

Easily carried by a single operator, its vertical spool structure allows for fast deployments and grants a great weather resistance.

Ligh-T enables you to tether/untether your drone at will, in the blink of an eye, with its smart Onboard Module replacing your battery. 

Connected and secured

Ligh-T is based on Elistair micro-tether proprietary technology. Extremely light, it offers unlimited and reliable power supply and safer flights thanks to its kevlar core.

Now featuring a secured data connection through the micro-tether, at 60 Mbs, you can use Ligh-T to control your drones, or transmit the drone camera videostream through the micro-tether.

A built-in Wi-Fi is integrated for live telemetry, logs saving, and smart alerts thanks to Elistair T-Monitor application.