Yuneec H520 

Designed Specifically for Industrial Inspection

If you are looking for an entry level inspection platform with hot swappable payload options including infrared, 1/2.3" 12mp CMOS and 1" 20mp sensor that captures 4K 100MB at 60FPS, built in redundancy and waypoint mission capable, then this could just be the tool for you. 

The H520 Hexacopter features long flight times and industry leading flight characteristics, and is specifically developed for law enforcement, fire fighting, search and rescue, security, construction, surveying, broadcasting and mapping applications. Its rugged design and reliable precision compass provide a stable and precise flight envelope, and numerous safety features make the H520 ideal for enterprise and commercial operators.


H520 Key Features:

  • Six-Rotor (Hex) - Safety, Stability and Reliability
  • High Wind-Resistant Airframe
  • Interchangeable Cameras
  • Up to 28 minute flight time
  • ST16S Ground Station - 7” HD Touch LCD with HDMII® ouput
  • DataPilot™ Mission Control Software System
  • 2D and 3D geo-mapping capabilities
  • Waypoints System - easily designate an area for auto-surveillance/mapping
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • No unauthorised data transmission

The H520 is compatible with multiple, hot-swap capable camera options, making it adaptable to a wide range of applications. With fully retracting landing gear and unlimited rotation 360° gimbal-cameras, you have an unobstructed view ensuring you capture every detail with ease.

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