Your complete airborne solutions provider, offering independent professional drone consultancy, industrial inspection & surveying services, qualified pilots, videography and technology to UK nuclear and other energy sectors.

Our vision is very much like that of the National Aerospace Centre of Malta, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply, being willing is not enough; we must do”

Our team, including our suppliers and affiliates will be able to support most if not all of your requirements. With nearly two decades supporting industry and over 4,000 hours accumulated flying between us, we have gained a wealth of knowledge with respect to safety, data security, risk management, industrial inspection and surveying. All delivered in a friendly, flexible and professional way.

What’s on offer:

  • Roof & tall building inspection
  • Industrial & plant inspection
  • Confined space inspection
  • Inspection data combined with survey services
  • Quality assurance & insurance inspections
  • HAZMAT Management support
  • Aerial turbine inspections
  • Aerial archaeological support
  • Surveying environmental issues
  • Amusement park safety inspection support
  • Construction site management aerial support
  • Industrial solar farm aerial inspections
  • Tethered drone inspection for internal confined space
  • Energy plant boiler inspections
  • Laser scanning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Scan2BIM

Those we collaborate with:


Other professional services:

These are focussed at those wishing to
implement a drone strategy within their business

  • OCS (Operational Safety Case) development
  • Operations manual support
  • Operations (Management, procedural development, platform evaluation)
  • Strategy development
  • Concept of operations (CONOPS)
  • Risk management
  • Gap analysis
  • Crew resource management (CRM)
  • Hazard assessments

Clients we have worked with:

Sellafield Ltd, James Fisher Nuclear, WYG, Assystem, LLWR, Westlakes Engineering to name but a few…

Safety & data security notice: 

Where possible we only use equipment with built in redundancy and no unauthorised data transmission. UK Government SC cleared pilots.