The PfCO Process

Pre-Course Study
When you enrol on our PfCO course we post to you a printed Course Handbook which covers the subjects you will be taught during your Ground School. We also email you with login details so that you can access the Student Portal where there is a few more important documents available for you to read. The more you can study before you arrive for your Ground School the easier and more enjoyable you will find your two days in the classroom.

Ground School
You will spend two days in a classroom with one of our highly experienced instructors. The syllabus for the Ground School is set by the CAA and you will need a good knowledge in all the subjects as this is considered essential to ensuring safe UAV operations, complying with CAA regulations. At the end of the two days you will sit a closed book Multiple Choice Examination.

Operations Manual
We will spend time during the Ground School to explain to you what is required for your Operations Manual. This is a very important document and it is crucially important that it is written well and that you are familiar with the contents. We will provide you with a comprehensive template which takes almost all of the pain out of writing your Operations Manual. Once you have tailored the template manual to reflect your operation and the procedures you intend to follow you submit the draft to us, our NQE partner will review it and let you know if we have any comments or suggestions.

Flight Operations Assessment
Everything you have learnt on the Ground School and the procedures you set out in your Operations Manual come to together for the last part of the course which is a Flight Operations Assessment (FOA). This will take the form of an imaginary client request for aerial work. We will send you a client brief, with details about the location and what you are being asked to do. You will agree a date for your FOA with your Examiner and then will need to demonstrate to the Examiner that you are capable of operating using the procedures set out in your Operations Manual and that you as Pilot-in-Command have the flying skills necessary to conduct the flight competently and safely whilst operating within the rules and regulations laid down by the CAA. On successful completion of your FOA our NQE partner will help you to complete your application to the CAA for a PfCO and they will submit all documents to the CAA on your behalf together with any Recommendations.